Swiss caviar, origin from Switzerland, is produced in the first “Alpine Siberian Sturgeon Program” that is unlike other well-known sturgeon habitats in the world. The sturgeons in this fish farm are raised in pure Swiss alpine water which is untainted by pollution. The caviar is then hand-harvested and processed according to the international CITES convention and qualified by SGS headquartered in Switzerland.

The fine workmanship and highly professional work is evident in the taste and unique color of the caviar. This is the reason why Swiss caviar is so unique. Our caviar is also very nutritious; being high in vitamin D, E, B12 and Niacin as well as minerals such as iodine and sodium as well as protein.

It is available in 6 sizes:
30g 50g
125g 250g
500g 1000g

“瑞士魚子醬” 獨一無二的魚子醬。這原產地位於瑞士的魚子醬,經過嚴謹的飼養及生產過程,已取得瑞士SGS總部品質認證及CITIES認可的資格,確保產品品質可靠。2012年更榮獲「德國紅點大獎」。


包裝規格 :
30克    50克
125克 250克
500克 1000克

Swiss Caviar | 瑞士魚子醬

Size | 重量

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