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Swiss E-mall Limited was established in 2012, as a Food Import and Export Distributor. We mainly import quality food originating from Switzerland and other delicacies from some European countries. We provide premium, high quality and organic food through two major networks, retailing and catering in Asian markets.

We are the exclusive distributor for Swiss caviar in Asia and are able to obtain a stable supply with a competitive import price for; black truffles from Switzerland. In doing so, we hope to bring enjoyments to all food lovers from the world’s three delicacies. Furthermore, we carry a variety of unique products, such as non-alcoholic drinks, traditional Swiss handmade food, confectioneries and snacks and patent packaged food.

On one hand, there are more and more foreigners visiting Asia every year; on the other hand, more and more Asians are eager to try imported food. As a conscientious food supplier, we not only take this opportunity and platform to bring more nutritious and delicious food to our clients, but also to allow more quality food to enter and expand in the Asian markets.











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