Exceptional and outstanding is the caviar from the albino starlet (Acipenser ruthenus) which has a structure and size very similar to Sevruga caviar. Its white cores are an “eye catcher”. Soft eggs with a very refined taste. Highly recommended, when you need something very exclusive!

The albino Sterlet caviar, because of its limited production is only made upon request. Thus we can guarantee that your desired caviar is delivered under perfect conditions.

50 gram

簡單用優秀和獨特去形容來自Albino Starlet (Acipense ruthenus)的黃金魚子醬似乎不足以把它尊貴的地位給托顯出, 雖然它的結構和大小都與Sevruga caviar非常相似。但是我們可靠它的白色吻突來區分兩者, 此外它的魚卵擁有一種非常精細的味道。若你想尋找一些罕有並特別的產品,極力為你推介黃金魚子醬。

由於黃金魚子醬是有限的生產。所以我們只在客人訂購時才制作, 因此我們可以保證,會根據你的需求,為您提供完美的魚子醬。


Sterlet | 黃金魚子醬

Gold Caviar

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