Raw beans from Venezuela and Italy -  Café Bel Etage is blended, roasted, and packed for us in Switzerland by IllyCafé AG, and we deliver it to you in Asia. Café Bel Etage is recognized and appreciated by coffee lovers for its smoothness and rich body that is naturally low in acidity. Thanks to its medium, dry roast character, Café Bel Etage is ideal for a superautomatic coffee machine, espresso, and drip coffee brewing. Café Bel Etage is available as whole-bean caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee. Packed in soft-vac bags that are nitrogen flushed, your coffee will stay fresh up to one year before opening. The coffee is served in all Embassy offices in the US.

委內瑞拉, 意大利等產品的咖啡豆經由瑞士 Illy Café AG 公司進行混合、烘焙及包裝, 然後遞送到亞洲。瑞士啡梵咖啡自然的低酸度,香醇和豐富的質感均受到咖啡愛好者的認可和讚賞。中等級乾烘焙特性, 能完美地配合全自動咖啡機使用,以及沖泡濃縮咖啡和滴濾式咖啡。

Cafe Bel Etage (Decaf) l 瑞士咖啡 (不含咖啡因)

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  • 12Pcs x 250g | 12包 x 250克
    6Pcs x 250g | 6包 x 250克

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