Product Name: GOLD Trüffles 
Net Weight: 3,05 gr
Pack: Glass jar
Packaging: 6 pcs per carton
Pcs per box: 18 (6x3)
Product Features: Gold Trüffles Gr 3,05 *White Truffle (Tuber Magnatum Pico) dried grams 3, equal to grams 15 of Fresh White Trüffles, 24K Pure Gold (E175) mg.50 edible].
Useful Tips: Pour over the hot food on the plate and wait a few minutes until the Truffle re-hydrates, or heat in a saucepan over low heat for a few minutes with olive oil or butter and taste on rice, pasta, eggs, cheese fondues, hot vegetables, meat or fish. Never touch the Gold by hand, use of wooden chopsticks.
Date of minimum durability (in months): 36
Availability: Always
Storage: Store in a cool , dry place.

商品名稱:24K 黃金白松露
產品特點:黃金松露, 白松露乾克,等於克15克新鮮白松露,24K純金0.50 微克可食用。
有用的提示:倒入盤子上的熱食物,等待幾分鐘,直到松露重新水化,或在低溫下用橄欖油或黃油在平底鍋中加熱數分鐘,並加在米飯,意大利面,雞蛋,奶酪上品嚐 炸薯條,熱蔬菜,肉或魚。 不要用手觸摸金子,要用木筷子。

24K Gold White Trüffles | 24K 黃金白松露

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